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  • Highlights:
    • Jambo x Aptos brings affordable Web3 access across emerging markets by powering the $99 JamboPhone smartphone with the secure and fast Aptos blockchain
    • This partnership expands the potential userbase for both projects and creates avenues for further crypto education and rewards through incentivizing users to use blockchain technology
    • Aptos and Jambo are exploring further DePin angles by leveraging the vast network of JamboPhones shipping to 100+ countries globally, creating the potential for new use cases

    The digital revolution has left many behind—limited access to traditional finance, high transaction costs, and a lack of technological infrastructure create significant barriers for adapting advanced technologies in emerging markets. These are exact issues that blockchain can solve, and we believe we can onboard the next billion users targeting the mass market. This case study explores the groundbreaking partnership between Jambo, a pioneer in digital inclusion through the JamboPhone, and the Aptos Foundation, a champion of blockchain education through the Aptos blockchain, to empower emerging markets through Web3 technology.

    The Challenge: Bridging the Financial Gap

    In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, millions face challenges like hyperinflation and limited access to banking services.  These limitations restrict financial participation and hinder economic development. Jambo and Aptos Foundation recognized this challenge and set out to create a solution that could empower individuals in emerging markets.

  • The Solution: Affordable Access to Global Opportunities

    The cornerstone of this initiative is the JamboPhone, a user-friendly Web3 smartphone priced at an accessible $99. Designed specifically for Gen Z communities in developing economies, the JamboPhone is not just a communication device, but a gateway to the digital economy. It comes pre-loaded with the JamboApp, Jambo’s premiere application with a multichain wallet, and the Petra wallet, a secure Aptos-compatible wallet. 

    Through this collaboration users will be able to access global opportunities through the JamboPhone as a hub for financial empowerment, education, and entertainment. Features like JamboPlay and JamboEarn offer users fun ways to engage with Web3, while JamboWallet provides a secure platform for managing digital assets.

    The partnership leverages the power of the Aptos blockchain, known for its scalability and low-cost transactions. This aligns perfectly with Jambo's mission to provide affordable and accessible financial tools. With fast processing times, the Aptos blockchain empowers users in emerging markets to engage in Web3 activities without incurring high transaction fees.

    The JamboPhone will be the first step to onboard non-crypto natives into the world of blockchain - exposure can prod these users along the journey towards more crypto native use cases such as on-chain swaps, lending, etc. 

  • New Web3 Opportunities in DePIN

    We believe the mass distribution of the mobile hardware creates unique opportunities for DePin. On the hardware side, our $99 smartphone will reduce the fixed upfront cost for DePin projects, as well as eliminate the need to purchase single purpose dedicated hardware. On the software side, we can install integrated solutions to run programs easily from day one of ownership. 

    Potential use cases for JamboPhone x DePin include validator nodes, location services, data hotspots, and more. 


    By combining Jambo's hardware accessibility and user-friendly interface with Aptos's secure and scalable blockchain technology, this partnership bridges the digital divide for individuals in emerging markets. With education and financial tools readily available, this initiative empowers communities to actively participate in the Web3 revolution.